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Elite Athletes today and beyond

NOVEMBER 2 – Up to 20 years ago, elite athletes were judged primarily on talent. This talent included the ability to make runs, score goals, shoot baskets; others skills required were strength, endurance and agility. Today the elite athlete is all that and more.

A website article on in this article thinks it is a bit of nature and nurture.

This weblink highlights five characteristics in this article

The list is

  • Dedication
  • Selfless attitude
  • Communication skills
  • Continued motivation
  • Self confidence

Today in particular where the business of sport has grown so much and will continue to grow, there is far more money available. The athlete goes after the highest salary and endorsement packages. There is however a thing called “competitive edge” – that which drives the elite athlete to win using a guided mental approach. This of course is added to the physical talent.

Elite athletes prepare at varying levels. They are required to peak at the right time. They are required to manage their playing schedules carefully. One could make an argument that it is harder for a tennis pro to prepare than a professional basketballer. The Open tournaments are held months apart and the tennis pro will have to prepare for example, for the Australian Open in January, then the French Open in May versus the basketballer who has an ongoing league from end of October to June. The basketballer can take the time to peak and win enough games to head to the playoff. The tennis pro has to be on top all the time.

Today however, here is who I think the elite athlete is and the qualities he/she should be:

  • In the top five in the world
  • Talented
  • Skilled
  • Fit
  • Able to consider further education
  • Able to have a lifestyle skill – music, dancing, cooking, baking etc.
  • Able to do great interviews
  • Marketable
    • Good for a magazine cover
    • Billboard
    • Can engage a targeted group – children/youth/adults/elderly
  • Play another sport for fun
  • Able to assemble a management team to negotiate the best deal
  • Able to manage social media – maintain a presence without being offensive

Here is an interest concept of what elite athletes have in common – Research shows that early participation in multiple sports leads to better overall motor and athletic development, longer playing careers, increased ability to transfer sports skills to other sports, as well as increased motivation, ownership of the sports experience, and confidence. Read more here

Elite athletes today have a comprehensive perspective on life and as a result will adapt and adjust when required to WIN. Elite athletes also know how to navigate distractions.

The stakes are high! Get in the game! ENJOY every second on the field of play!

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