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Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA)

The Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) is the global players’ representative body in cricket. FICA was established in 1998 to co-ordinate the activities of all national players’ associations which protect the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world. It brings together the world’s cricketers, regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or race, under an international body focused on matters of general interest to the game and its players. FICA has continued to evolve as the collective voice of players globally. FICA’s stated aim is to be recognized and respected as the global representative federation of all professional cricketers, past and present around the world.


FICA Principles

All FICA activities are informed by its Guiding Principles, which was adopted in 2015 and include:

  1. Representation and Voice
  2. Integrity
  3. Employment Rights
  4. Welfare, Education and Career Transition
  5. International Cricket Structure
  6. Good Governance


FICA Services

“Players around the world are trying to build successful careers in a game that is rapidly changing. It is our role to ensure that players’ interests are protected and that players are part of guiding the direction of the game” – Graeme Smith, FICA Independent Board Member

FICA continues to work at bringing value to players and its member players’ associations, whilst engaging effectively on behalf of players at the top level of the game. FICA has continued to provide its core services to players and member players’ associations, including:

  1. Advocating for players globally on structure of cricket issues, employment rights and contract security, integrity, doping and anti-corruption issues, player health and safety
  2. Presenting player views to ICC CEO and Cricket Committee’s, Member Boards and MCC
  3. Negotiation of ICC Player Terms and Prize Money (41% increase) for ICC events 2015-2023
  4. Domestic T20 advice to players and players’ associations regarding events and approved/disapproved cricket
  5. Player contract dispute resolution including success in player contract claims against the ICL in India
  6. Negotiation of ICC codes and regulations which affect players, including code of conduct
  7. Collective player contract negotiation including Caribbean Premier League and Pakistan Super League
  8. Event and tour security reviews for ICC events and bilateral tours
  9. Players’ association best practice


International Cricket Structure

FICA released its International Cricket Structural Review in 2016, and has been involved, on behalf of players, in discussions with the ICC and Member Boards during the review of the structure of international cricket. FICA has presented player views on this to ICC management, Member Board CEO’s and the MCC Cricket Committee. International cricket is vital to the entire global cricket economy, and to all professional players. FICA continues to urge the ICC to deliver a clear and compelling future for International cricket, which includes meaningful change to competition structures. FICA is supportive of improving, balancing and adding context to all three formats of international cricket, allowing it to survive and thrive. FICA is advocating for:

  1. Global thinking: for the good of the global game;
  2. Balancing the three formats better and working together with domestic T20: introducing windows for T20 leagues, or other workable solution;
  3. International cricket should be “best v best”: players should not be forced to choose between club and country, and scheduling between formats should generally not conflict;
  4. All International cricket needs context and it needs to be competitive: new, competitions with context, based on merit;
  5. Providing clarity in the calendar and fair protections for players: in regulations/contract structures;
  6. Retaining talent in international cricket by redistributing money more equitably to help close player wage gaps between domestic T20 and international cricket: this does not mean players from top earning countries should be paid less. Players in all countries should be paid fairly;
  7. Clear pathways for associate countries, based on merit


FICA Structure

President – Vikram Solanki

Executive Chairman – Tony Irish

Chief Operating Officer – Tom Moffat


FICA Board

Australian Cricketers’ Association – Alistair Nicholson

New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills

Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – David Leatherdale

South African Cricketers’ Association – Tony Irish

West Indies Players’ Association – Wavell Hinds

Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh – Debabrata Paul

Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association – Ken De Alwis

Independent – Lisa Sthalekar

Independent – Graeme Smith


Twitter: @FICA_Players | Web:

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