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WIPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP)

WIPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP) is a personalised support service that recognises the need for players to actively work toward personal development. The programme aims to assist our members to manage the competing demands of life on and off the pitch; that is, maximising their cricketing career, whilst also fulfilling other important commitments including personal health and well-being, family life, education, and preparing for life after cricket. 

The Player Development Programme is divided into three (3) key areas:

  1. Cricket Career Enhancement :: The goal here is to guide and monitor players towards professionalism. In this module, WIPA educates players about the expectations of a professional cricketer, the business of cricket, handling contracts, dealing with support staff, anti-corruption, anti-doping, leadership etc. Additionally, we provide technical cricket support where necessary.
  2. Dual Transitions & Aspirations :: This module aims to provide educational support for players and assist with transitioning from professional cricket. WIPA has established partnerships with educational institutions across the Caribbean through Memorandums of Understanding with The University of The West Indies Open Campus, the GC Foster College and Quality Academics in Jamaica; the Dominica State College in Dominica; and the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College in St Vincent. Opportunities range from CXC/CSEC/GCE O’Levels to certificate courses, vocational and skills training, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees in a wide range of areas. Further, programmes are tailored to a player’s schedule and financial support is provided by WIPA.
  3. Lifestyle Support :: This area speaks to the overall well-being of players. WIPA aims to assist players in developing leadership skills, and in creating and maintaining a balance emotionally, psychologically and physically. 

For three years, WIPA enacted the Player Development Programme largely through their Player Development Workshop (PDW) initiative. However, on March 6, 2018, WIPA launched additional initiative which sees each member directly assigned to a Player Development Manager (PDM). A Player Development Plan is created by each member and their PDM, in order to better assist that member to accomplish their goals on and off the cricket field. The PDM maintains constant communication with members, working alongside them and assisting in whatever way necessary. 

The PDP, through the PDMs, assists in areas such as mentorship, counselling, pursuing higher education, remedial coaching, physiotherapy, etc. and take the form of both personal one-on-one interaction as well as group and workshop sessions. This means WIPA helps to provide the facilities and personnel necessary, including providing financial assistance, providing access to gym facilities, providing access to trainers, coaches, mentors, physiotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, medical personnel etc. 

This initiative ensures that we support the holistic development of our members; not only placing emphasis on playing goals, but also on equipping our members for the transition to life after cricket.

Player Development Workshops Photos:

  • bar w_n
  • Volcanoes Workshop
  • WIPA-&-UWI-OC-Workshop
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  • WIPA Player Development Workshop
  • WIPA & UWIOC Workshop
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  • WIPA Player Development Workshop
  • WIPA Player Development Workshop
  • WIPA & UWIOC Workshop
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  • WIPA Player Development Workshop

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