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The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA)

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) is the global players’ voice in cricket. 
FICA was established in 1998 to unite all national players’ associations, which protect the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world (there are currently nine). It brings together the world’s cricketers, regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or race, under an international body focused on matters of general interest to the game and its players. FICA’s operational focus is on representing players including in the following areas:
1. Global Voice: 
  • Professionally representing players’ views and opinions to the game (including at ICC level)
  • E.g: Global surveying, Player Advisory Groups, Global Employment & Cricket Reports
2. Employment and Contracts: 
  • Working hard to ensure that every player receives a contract that is properly negotiated and offers appropriate protections
  • E.g: ICC event squad terms, domestic T20 event standard player contracts, players’ association negotiation support, agent communications
3. Player Global Safety and Security: 
  • Player safety and security is FICA’s primary concern
  • Eg: Independent security advice (ICC events, international cricket and domestic events), best practice sharing
4. The World Game:
  • Advocating for the best structure of the game and regulations to make cricket as good as it can be for players and fans alike
5. Global Player Welfare:
  • Building a global support network to meet the needs of global cricketers
  • E.g: Development of FICA Global Player Welfare platform, best practice and local and global support network
FICA is governed by its Board and Executive. Tony Irish is FICA’s Executive Chairman and Tom Moffat is FICA’s Chief Operating Officer.
FICA has also established men’s and women’s Player Advisory Committees, comprised predominantly of current senior international players nominated by their home players association. The Committees complement FICA’s ongoing program of structured engagement with its member players’ associations and players around the world to ensure it is accurately representing collective player views and interests at the global level. 
FICA’s current Player Advisory Committees are: 
  • Kumar Sangakarra
  • Graeme Smith
  • Kyle Coetzer
  • Aaron Finch
  • Vikram Solanki
  • William Porterfield
  • JP Duminy
  • Jason Holder
  • Ross Taylor
  • Dane Van Niekerk
  • Heather Knight
  • Alyssa Healy
  • Hayley Matthews
  • Lisa Sthalekar
  • Amy Satterthwaite
  • Mary Waldron


FICA Structure

President – Vikram Solanki

Executive Chairman – Tony Irish

Chief Operating Officer – Tom Moffat


FICA Board

Australian Cricketers’ Association – Alistair Nicholson

New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills

Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – David Leatherdale

South African Cricketers’ Association – Tony Irish

West Indies Players’ Association – Wavell Hinds

Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh – Debabrata Paul

Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association – Ken De Alwis

Independent – Lisa Sthalekar

Independent – Graeme Smith


FICA Guide:

Twitter: @FICA_Players | Web:



World Players’ Association

The World Players Association is the leading voice of organised players in the governance of world sport. It brings together 85,000 players across professional sport through more than 100 player associations in over 60 countries.

The vision of World Players is:

“To champion the dignity of the player and the humanity of sport.”

In the pursuit of this vision World Players has a three-part goal: First, the human rights of everyone involved in the delivery of sport must be protected, respected and, where needed, upheld. Second, the same must be true for the players. Third, the impact of sport must be positive, including in sporting, economic, environmental and cultural terms.

The World Players Association was formally established on 5 December 2014 an autonomous sector of UNI Global Union (UNI). Major player associations belonging to World Players include:

  • FIFPro, the world football players’ union
  • the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA)
  • the International Rugby Players’ Association (IRPA)
  • the European Elite Athletes’ Association (EU Athletes)
  • the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)
  • the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA)
  • the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA)
  • the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA)
  • the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA)
  • the Japanese Professional Baseball Players Association (JPBPA)
  • the Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA)
  • the New Zealand Athletes’ Federation (NZAF).





Atlantic was incorporated in 1995 to develop a natural gas liquefaction plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago. They operate a four-train liquefaction facility with a total capacity of 15 million metric tonnes per annum (tpa). The four trains use the Phillips Optimised Cascade Process which cools natural gas using refrigerants until it liquefies at atmospheric pressure.

In addition to LNG, the plant also produces natural gas liquids (NGLs) which are delivered to a third party under separate arrangements. Atlantic’s business does not include exploration, distribution or shipping. Their primary business is the liquefaction of natural gas. They employ 650 persons full-time, of which 98% are nationals of Trinidad and Tobago. Atlantic also employs, on average, approximately 1000 contractors to assist in the maintenance of their production facility. They also have an industry-leading safety record of 35 million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) which represents nine (9) years of safe operations.

On September 22, 2010, the company launched a new corporate identity, moving from Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago, to Atlantic, in recognition of their role not only as a global LNG producer, but as a corporate entity committed to creating sustainable opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago.

Atlantic’s role as a processor of LNG and contributor to national economic growth is enhanced by their desire to contribute to society in a positive way. Through engagement with various stakeholders, and by developing partnerships with their communities and local and international partners, they are helping to foster sustainable development in the areas of sport, education, local economic development and the environment. Through their sustainability programmes in the local and national community, they demonstrate their commitment to creating opportunities which will have far reaching, long-term impact.

The transformational power of sport allows for the creation of programmes which aim to inspire young people to be more active and take ownership of their own physical well-being, and allows for the development of positive attitudes, behaviours and life skills, which are critical in the development of young people.

Atlantic has partnered with various organisations to deliver programmes for young people to aid in their overall development including with the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) for their WIPA in the Community cricket development programme. The WIPA in the Community Progamme began in 2008 with just over 300 students and has since grown to over 2000 students. The programme spans the entire South West peninsula of Trinidad beginning in La Brea and ending in Icacos.


For more on WIPA in the Community visit:

WIPA in the Community (WIC)

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