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Here are the numbers!

Hinds responds to Sammy, outlines payment packages

West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president, Wavell Hinds, says Darren Sammy’s claims that a large number of West Indies players are not paid handsomely by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is somewhat of a misnomer.

Sammy, the WICB Twenty20 captain, in a letter to the WICB, in calling for a re-negotiation of new ICC Twenty20 World Cup contracts, said “a large amount of players in the West Indies squad do not receive any significant contribution from the WICB.”

However, Hinds, whose entity negotiated the new contract on behalf of West Indies players, which Sammy, also said, did not represent their “best interest”, explained that such a scenario exists because of the general part-time employment status of senior West Indies players.

“All cricket set-ups (around the world) operate off retainers,” Hinds told The Gleaner.

“Your core players, who are your most senior players, who would have committed to playing for you over an extended period of time, are the persons, who will always be given the packages that would bring in more remuneration.”

“Retained players, would have gotten a lump some upfront, plus match fees, while the guys, who are not retained, and, could be referred to as freelance players, or contractors, who go around and play, they would be the ones, who just play for match fees.”

new payment

Hinds, in the meantime, in further defending the new payment pact with the WICB, explained the benefits it stood to accrue for several categories of regional players.

He said 15 players at the international level are now offered annual retainer contracts across five categories, A+, A, B+, B, and C, up from three in previous years.

Category A+ sees players receiving US$150,000, Category A – US$135,000, Category B+ – US$125,000, Category B – US$115,000 and Category C – US$100,000.

This, he pointed out, was in addition to match fees of US$5,750 per Test, US$2,300 per One-Day International, and, US$1,750 per Twenty20 International.

The match fees, for the latter two, has been also increased for participation in the ICC 50-overs and Twenty20 World Cups, he said.

The former West Indies batsman, a member of WIPA for 14 years, also listed the new payment arrangement for first-class players across three categories, A, B, and C.

A player, who is in position of an annual Category A contact, currently takes home US$30,000, Category B – US$20,000, and, Category C – US$15,000.

This is in addition to match fees, which are paid at a rate of US$1,300 for four-dayers, US$700 for one-dayers, and between US$5,000 and US$150,000 depending on their draft range in Caribbean Premier League Twenty20.

“In response to Darren Sammy, that players don’t make enough money, those are the fees,” said Hinds.

Taken from the Jamaica Star

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