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The program began in September 2008 with 369 students from 13 schools, and has grown to over 2256 students from 24 schools. This represents a 542% increase in the program. At the beginning, the programme had only 9 certified coaches. To date we have trained and certified 50 coaches with Level 1 and Level 2 CWI & Cricket Australia Certifications.


All coaches in the program have also been trained and certified in first aid and CPR. First aid kits have been distributed to all 24 schools in the program as well as to all community coaches to ensure that all schools are properly equipped to respond to and treat injuries if they occur.


WIC has distributed Atlantic/WIC branded tees and water bottles to all students in the program. Additionally, the programme has distributed cricket equipment to all 24 schools in the program, providing them with access to high quality cricket equipment.Coaching equipment is also provided to all coaches in the program ensuring that the coaches are all properly equipped with the highest quality coaching equipment to help them in carrying out their coaching sessions.
The Point Fortin Borough League was previously sponsored by the WIC program, and featured 14 cricket clubs from the South West Peninsula. This means that at least 308 people were directly impacted from this sponsorship. (Each club has 2 teams – 11 senior players + 11 junior player x 14 teams).


The league also impacts the many residents of the South West Peninsula that attend the matches in support of their village team. WIC has also organized and conducted a Festival cricket match featuring an international WIC team against a Point Fortin Borough team as part of the Borough’s week celebration. At this event, spectators and fans get the opportunity to see live and in their community past and present national and international cricketers and are able to interact with them following the game.

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