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FICA Comment on Women’s T20 World Cup

10 March 2020
Commenting on the recently completed Women’s T20 World Cup, FICA Executive Chairman Tony Irish said:
“FICA congratulates the players, ICC, and Cricket Australia, on the Women’s T20 World Cup. On the back of an outstanding spectacle, FICA also urges the game to continue to do more to prioritise the growth of the women’s game across more countries, including through the creation of viable career paths for players in more than just a handful of countries.”
FICA Chief Executive Tom Moffat said:
“FICA’s 2018 Global Employment Report highlighted some of the structural issues and imbalances that exist in the global game from a player perspective, and our 2020 report, due to be released later this year, will build on that.”

“Some of the core issues continue to include firstly, the level of prioritisation of the women’s game and of players in each country, which is within the gift of every governing body around the world, and secondly, the capacity for each country to invest in and grow the game. This is hampered by the global economics of cricket, including the fact that the game’s money at global level is distributed in a manner that leaves many smaller countries at a significant disadvantage both on and off the field.”

“For the global game to continue to grow and build on the momentum it has for a sustainable and compelling on-field future, these issues need to be focussed on by the ICC and Boards. We urge them to work in partnership with the players collectively on that both domestically in each country, and at global level.”


FICA is the world players’ body in cricket.
FICA is a democratic player-driven organisation that brings together the world’s ‘organised’ professional cricketers under an international body which focuses on matters that affect the players collectively, and the global game. Players who are members of a FICA member association are, by extension, also guaranteed the support of the other players’ associations in other countries.

FICA Structure
President – Vikram Solanki
Executive Chairman – Tony Irish
Chief Executive – Tom Moffat
FICA Board
Australian Cricketers’ Association – Alistair Nicholson
Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh – Debabrata Paul 
Irish Cricketers’ Association – Cecelia Joyce
New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills
Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – Tony Irish
Scottish Cricketers’ Association – Alasdair Evans
South African Cricketers’ Association – Andrew Breetzke
Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association – Ken De Alwis 
West Indies Players’ Association – Wavell Hinds
Independent – Lisa Sthalekar
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