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25th March 2019 Comments Off on Cameron and Nanthan Was Happy To Serve West Indies Cricket Views: 1138 News

Cameron and Nanthan Was Happy To Serve West Indies Cricket

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Former President and Vice President of Cricket West Indies, Dave Cameron and Emmanuel wish to thank the team of people who supported them throughout their three-term tenure from 2013 to 2019.

We were glad to be able to serve and proud of our achievements.  We are happy that we left 123 players under contract.  West Indies Cricket now has a home owned by the board at Coolidge Cricket Grounds.  The world championships and bringing back the Wisden Trophy are also other achievements that we are proud of.  More than anything else we have a fit youthful team that is prepared to face the world.

Under this team we made significant strides and you trusted us to safeguard the region’s most valuable asset. The tenure was rewarding and full of challenges and we feel proud we have managed to take the cricket to this level.

We anticipate the sport will move towards its true potential and we ask the new team to build upon the progress and to continue to fight for equity in world cricket.

We were always and will remain grateful for your support.

Cameron has served the regional body for 17 years, while Nanthan has 15 years.




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