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WIPA has definitely made a tremendous impact when it comes to women’s cricket, they have made us more visible in the cricketing circles and I must applaud them for putting us on the map where West Indies cricket is concerned.

• Subrina Munroe •

You have to love the sport and be dedicated, hard work is the only true way to real success, and once you are committed, the sky is the limit.

• Roshana Outar •

It’s a great achievement for me to be recognised amongst the top players in the world. It shows me that all the hard work I’ve been doing over the last year is paying off and being acknowledged. This is motivation to keep working hard and enjoy our sport.

• Stafanie Taylor •

West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA)

12th August 2014 • The West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) is the official player representative body for...

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Players’ Awards

5th June 2017 • The WIPA Awards The WIPA Awards was established because the West...

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WIPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP)

8th June 2017 • WIPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP) is a personalised support service that recognises...